Fancy Decorated Cake Writing

Fancy cake writing has become a hobby among people. It feels great to design a cake by yourself for special occasions. While making a birthday cake, most people write a message in icing on the cake. To get fancy, computer typed messages can be placed beneath the waxed paper before placing the chocolate mix over it. Then, transfer the baking pan to the freezer for about 20-30 minutes until the chocolate is set. Remove from the freezer and gently peel your letters and decorations from the wax paper and place on your frosted cake.

Letters and shapes don’t need to just be laid flat either. You can create some fun by standing some up on end or making crazy stacks for your cake design! Lettering, decorations, and candle-holder placement while writing on a cake can be tough if you want to squeeze in a long message on a short cake. Practice writing small letters. You can also trace the cake pan, and then use that template to map out where you want your various cake decorations to go. The secret to cake decorating like a professional is having the right equipment, and practice to get the perfect fancy cake writing

Chill the cake between the filling and the frosting so that the cake is much easier to work with. You can apply a thin layer of frosting to the cake then refrigerate until it is set before applying the final, heavier layer of frosting. This will seal in the crumbs, ensuring a clean final appearance of the cake.

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